Firewood and Wood Chips  

We like to recycle as much of our byproduct as possible.  We offer quality, seasoned firewood and also natural wood chips (call or email for availability of wood chips).  


All of our firewood is split (in approximately 16" lengths; other lengths available upon request) and seasoned to perfection!  We offer several wood mixes:

  • Oak - 100% premium oak firewood
  • Hardwood Mix - our hardwood mix may include ash, eucalyptus, maple, walnut, mulberry, pecan, almond, peach, apple, plum, and other fruit and nut woods.  
  • Softwood Mix - our softwood mix may include pine, cypress, willow, poplar, and redwood.
  • Goobers & Tuds - our campfire mix includes irregularly-shaped pieces that are perfect for camfires!  

You may call, chat, or email us to arrange for firewood pick-up or delivery (delivery fees may apply).  For your convenience, we offer sales as small as one-two pieces up to several cords.  The prices below are our "standard" prices; call, chat, or email to see if we have any specials.  "Like" us on Facebook for Facebook-only deals!  Multiple-cord discounts available.

~Wood Chips~

Wood chips, also called mulch, are a great addition to any landscape.  Chips that are aesthetic are saved for use in landscapes while not-so-pretty chips are taken to the cogen plant to be recycled into energy.  Call or email to see if we have any wood chips available.

Firewood & Wood Chips