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TreePros Inc. provides safe and reliable arboriculture services for your tree care and tree removal needs. We are proud to serve Roseville CA and are committed to providing courteous and professional services for both residential and commercial clients. We’ve got the experience and capability to provide a full suite of tree care services including tree removal, trimming, pruning, planting, care, and more.

Tree Removal

After more than 20 years of removing trees in Roseville CA, we get it.

Sure, you want the trees gone, but more importantly, you want it done without damage to your property and without anybody getting hurt. And, you don't want to pay more than its worth. From getting one tree down safely so you can do the rest, to making a yard full of messy cottonwoods disappear, stumps and all, you can't make a better choice for tree removal in Roseville CA than TreePros Inc.

Our certified arborists are fully-trained and equipped to handle any situation. We use state-of-the-art equipment and can guarantee a job done right the first time.

Tree Planting

As arborists who are in the tree removal business, we see the results of poor planting practices on an almost daily basis. When you need a tree planted and want certainty it will be done by someone who has been properly trained, you can count on us at TreePros Inc. We can evaluate your landscape to determine which trees will thrive in your environment. We'll then help you select the right trees and ensure they're properly planted!

Tree Trimming in Roseville CA 

When it comes time to trim trees on your property, it is always important to do so safely. Improper trimming could not only harm the health of the tree but could also damage property or injure yourself or family. Trees improve the curb appeal of your home and can reduce your energy bill when placed strategically around your yard. However, having trees around your home also means that there are some maintenance items to keep in mind, such as tree trimming. 

It's a good idea to have your trees trimmed on an annual basis. Typically, this type of pruning takes place when the tree is dormant, or while during the winter months. But, pruning during summer can also help slow the growth of a tree or enhance a tree's flowering capabilities. It is especially important never to trim a tree during the fall months.

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional To Remove Your Trees

It Is Much Safer

When you hire a tree company to remove your trees, you are choosing the safest option. And since safety is a huge issue when it comes to the removal of trees, it is important that you keep this in mind. A tree company will make sure that no one in the surrounding area is harmed as the tree comes down, and many even have you evacuate your home, as well as the surrounding homes, just to be safe.

You just never know what could go wrong if you tried to remove the tree on your own and putting yourself in danger isn't worth it. Especially when there are professionals who are happy to do the job for you.

Less Damage

Another reason to hire a tree company to remove your tree for you is because they can likely remove the tree without causing damage. When you try to remove a tree yourself, you initially run the risk of having it fall onto things that it shouldn't as you are cutting it down, such as houses, fences, and vehicles. You then have to remove the stump of the tree from the ground, which can be a huge undertaking. For example, if the roots are deep enough, you run the risk of uprooting your entire yard simply to remove the stump.

When you hire a tree company to take care of the removal for you, they not only have the training and skills to safely cut down the tree so that it falls in the correct direction, but they have the appropriate manpower and tools to make it happen. When it comes to removing the stump from your yard, they will do so in the most efficient and least damaging way possible. This makes the entire experience much more pleasant for you and generally leads to a much better outcome.

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